What a quieter world looks like

We design and fabricate acoustic solutions for commercial, institutional and residential spaces. We improve people’s quality of life by making the spaces they spend their lives in look and sound better. We are AKUSTUS and this is what a quieter world looks like.

Sound and Sustainable Solutions

Our polyester fibre products are made from 50% recycled content originating from plastic water bottles. Microscopic air pockets in the material absorb sound energy, reducing reverberation, removing excess noise and improving speech intelligibility.

Collaborative Creation

Our design and production team has collaborated with many architects, interior designers and contractors to provide solutions for their projects. As we continue to expand our global presence, we look forward to meeting, working with and providing solutions for more and more people around the world.


See for yourself how these products can improve the acoustics and the aesthetics of a room.

Alison Postma

My work is currently exploring getting to know objects. Through arranging and photographing still lifes, performing small gestures captured with video, or modifying found objects, I learn about objects with my hands and body.

Based in Toronto, Ontario.

Angela Cheng

Hi, I’m Angela – an industrial designer based in Vancouver


BA Robinson

ROBINSON Lighting & Bath is Canada’s largest retailer of lighting and plumbing. Operating from 32 showroom and warehouse locations, we offer a wide selection of the industry’s best brands to design-conscious homeowners, designers and trades in Canada. Our vision is to help bring homes and buildings to life. We believe in offering easy and enjoyable in-store and online experiences to help select and quickly deliver products.

Our passionate and knowledgeable online and showroom staff provide full-service support on every project.


Delicately bubbled sparkling water for curious tastebuds.


CPE Design Solutions / Claridge

Since 1947, Claridge has grown from a one-man operation started in a renovated cheese factory into one of the world’s largest and most respected woman-owned makers of visual display solutions. We were instrumental in guiding and influencing the collaborative process long before many of our competitors opened their doors. Today, some 70 years later, we have the privilege of serving and supporting a wide range of customers in specialties ranging from architectural design and construction, to business, K-12 education, health care, higher education, and more.



A leader in luxury wallcoverings ranging from designer wallpaper, quality textiles made of linen, silk, cotton, and more, to decorative panels and matching profiles.

To IDS2020, Deco Echo will bring the latest in high-quality design panels that have been specially developed for interior decor, furniture, storefront, architectural and display design purposes.

Our decor sheets are available as veneers, wall panels, ceiling tiles, and finished boards for furniture and cabinet making.

Decors Veronneau

Décors Véronneau is specialized in custom high-end replica plants, trees, green walls and floral arrangements that can be scaled for any project size. Our in-house production and commercial design team works closely with designers and architects all over the United-States and Canada to create breathtaking spaces and larger than life decors for hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping malls and much more.

Denise Buisman Pilger

The Story Behind My Art

Goodbyes have always been difficult for me. The first few weeks of school, I was crying until I was physically ill just because I had to say goodbye to my mom. Even spending the night at a friend’s house or staying with my grandmother during vacations came with the drama of saying goodbye. I have very strong memories of doing all kinds of arts and crafts, especially with my grandmother. I remember always asking her for an art project right after we arrived. Creating something beautiful has always made me feel good.

Living as an expat is not easy for someone who struggles with goodbyes. Every time I have to leave, I am forced to say goodbye to everything that has become familiar to start over in an unfamiliar place where I sometimes don’t even speak the language. My art is what grounds me. It is my way to familiarize myself with my new environment and it is what I spend most of my time with. My art is what keeps me connected to the places I had to leave behind.

My Mission

Frequent travels allow me to gather inspiration and share my work with collectors around the world. I want to help you relive happy memories of familiar places and inspire you to visit and explore destinations you would otherwise never have thought to visit.

My Vision

Through the universal language of art, I aim to bridge cultural and language barriers to make the world into a place where all people feel connected to one another. I wish to inspire people to learn about different countries, cultures and ideas so they can understand and appreciate them. I know everyone identifies as being a part of a country with a unique culture. I hope to motivate them to first and foremost see themselves as world citizens and feel a kinship to all the people in the world.



Fleurco specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of a full range of high-end glass shower doors, bathtubs, lighted mirrors and accessories.
For the past 50 years, our beautifully designed collections of shower doors, acrylic bases,bathtubs, lighted mirrors, vanities and accessories have enabled our customers to create the bathrooms of their dreams.

Fuzion Flooring

The Secret’s Out!
Fuzion Flooring products are quickly becoming a local favourite across Canada. Having built a reputation over the years for quality, reliability and dependable service, it truly is no surprise. Our hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and carpet tile products are designed fashionably while, at the same time, priced affordably. See the difference for yourself and discover how Fuzion Flooring products go far ‘beyond expectation’ as the new builder standard.



Based out of Toronto, hollis+morris takes it’s name from an intersection in Halifax where it started as a series of garage explorations. hollis+morris creates handmade furniture and lighting, driven by a respect towards natural and honest processes. Trademark integrations of solid wood and metal celebrate the inherent strengths of each material result in thoughtful, quality pieces made to last. Products by hollis+morris easily compliment residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces.


Jacques & Anna

Jacques & Anna is a Montreal-based design studio specializing in lighting design. The company’s mission is to create skilfully designed objects whose lighting becomes both beacon and shelter.

The models of the latest collections are produced on order, with the exception of a small inventory available in store. In addition, it is possible to come and meet the team to take advantage of the tailor-made service, whether for a residential or commercial project.


Kiosk Dimensions

Located in Eastern Ontario, and neighbouring both the province of Quebec and the United States, Kiosk Dimensions is a design firm specializing in the creation of made-to- measure stands, kiosks and pavilions, indoor architecture elements, and commercial, retail and museum spaces – trade shows and exhibitions, showrooms, sales outlets – and in interactive design. Established in 2006, Kiosk Dimensions is well-positioned within the North-American market and also boasts enviable experience in Europe, supported by a network of reliable international partners.

Kube Booth

While there is a depth to life that only comes from our connections to others, at times we require privacy.
Meet our Kube Booth collection that offers both privacy and human connectivity. Kubes are modular, extendable, mobile, and cost-effective alternatives for your workplace, local library, university, airport or hotel to use your space — YOUR WAY.
With easy installation, you can have a dynamic, private space so that you can Make Big Ideas Happen.


Ottawabased Kubicule presents the Come To Rest feature installation within the IDS Contract area of IDS Toronto. Come experience the Kubicule pods by Kiosk Dimensions which are designed and made with love in Ontario. Kubicule is an eco-conscious privacy pod which offers a seamless element to add to your office space. Kubicule pods prioritize form, function and comfort with amazing aesthetic customization options. Come and explore the endless possibilities with Kubicule 


Low Poly Paper Kits

LPPK has 6+ years of experience in paper craft product design, in a potpourri of 3D modelling, Augmented Reality experiences, and a hearty portion of crafting and artisanship.

Previous projects include props for Amazon Prime Day launch party in New York, media appearances in the Oprah Magazine, The Georgia Straight, Le Droit, Toronto Sun, Ottawa Magazine – The Interior Design Issue, Where Magazine, and blogTO, to name a few.

LPPK had noteworthy cameos in the Marilyn Dennis Show, launch party for the US series American Gods, and Canadian series A Million Little Things as well. LPPK was accepted at One of a Kind Toronto, Interior Design Show Vancouver, Circle Craft Vancouver, Maker Faire Ottawa, Maker Fest Toronto, as well as Renegade Craft both in New York and in San Francisco, and SOUK Montreal.

Proudly, we deploy zero outsourcing overseas.

Our products are 100% designed, tested, and produced in Montreal, Canada. Our pre-cut and pre-scored paper DIY puzzles provide moments of relaxation, mindfulness and meaningful reflection, either spent alone or with those dear to you.

LPPK employs local talent. Our team is immersed into every step of the process, from design, to testing of prototypes, to manufacturing and shipment of each order.


Metro Wallcoverings

We are Canada’s leading distributor of commercial wallcoverings with over 40 years of experience. With a seasoned sales team across Canada, Metro wallcoverings has the knowledge and expertise to tailor any solution. In addition to our wide variety of commercial brands, we offer an unparalleled product selection of decorative woods, metals, fabrics, stones and digital wallcoverings, to transform any space you can imagine. Finishes designed to create unforgettable spaces.

Metropolitan Hardwood Flooring

Metropolitan is home to Kentwood and Evoke, leading brands of Engineered Hardwood, SPC/ WPC, Laminate, Waterproof Wood Composite, Luxury Vinyl along with Essentials, our ProSeries and distributed accessories collections that support a complete system installation. We design, manufacture and market high-quality flooring and have been servicing the commercial and residential sector for 30 years. We strive to uphold our core values rooted in quality, sustainable best practise and enduring partnerships and the sincere belief that we can build a better world by; challenging ourselves, our partners and the status quo, to create opportunity for each, and success for all.


There are many good reasons for choosing Miele.

Here are just six of them. Since the company was founded in 1899, Miele has remained true to its “Immer Besser” brand promise. This means that we will do all that we can to be forever better than our competitors and forever better than we already are. We want to make everyday tasks easier and more fun for our customers by constantly improving our products. For our customers this means the peace of mind of knowing that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime.

Miele Quality

For more than 120 years perfect results have been imperative to us: You can rely on Miele. We are the only manufacturer in our branch of industry to test products such as our washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, and ovens to the equivalent of 20 years’ use. We can thereby offer you unique reliability and peace of mind. This explains why Miele customers around the world remain true to their brand and recommend Miele to others.

Looking to the future, we will not entertain any compromises when it comes to the reliability and durability of our appliances.

Miele Technology

Miele stands for fascinating technology and excellent results combined with minimum energy consumption. This applies to the hygienic and gentle care of your laundry, your flooring and your crockery as well as when conjuring up exquisite culinary delights. The key to this is a wealth of innovative features available only from Miele.

This is borne out by numerous first places in leading product tests conducted around the world.

Miele Craftsmanship

Miele stands for true craftsmanship, combining vision, precision and a great deal of attention to detail. Each of our products is manufactured to the highest standard and is subject to stringent quality controls including individual surface tests with gloves. From handles milled from a single piece of metal to matching gap dimensions across all product groups, each element is part of our journey to absolute perfection. Nothing is more important to us than that you enjoy Miele for a long time.

Miele Design

Miele believes in clean lines, timeless elegance and intuitive handling. Whether conventional rotary switch, discreet sensor controls or a high-resolution touch display: operating a Miele is both easy and fun.

Nowhere else will you find such a comparable range of carefully coordinated design lines and colour options, to suit the most diverse kitchen furniture fronts. Whatever the style of your kitchen: Miele is the perfect match.

Miele Service

Miele customers enjoy preferential treatment: thanks to our fast and efficient after-sales service operation which has been voted best in its branch of industry many times over. If you need personalised instructions on appliance use or professional cleaning of your appliances, Miele will gladly visit you at home.

We will always be there for you. That’s a promise!

Miele Brand

In many countries Miele is the most coveted brand in its branch of industry. In its German home market, Miele was even voted ‘best brand ever’ across all product branches.

And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance and the environmental friendliness of their domestic appliances. People who buy Miele are quality conscious and have style!


Nelcos Distribution Inc.


NELCOS uses commercial quality self-adhesive backed vinyl film. The air-channeled adhesive makes the film easy to install with minimal waste reducing the amount of time necessary for installation. Diverse patterns and textures in artful designs make for a beautiful interior space. Exceed your customers expectations for interior surface renovation with architectural interior films from NELCOS.

Our architectural vinyl films are eco-friendly and flame retardant with stable performance certified by relevant international testing agencies. Our suppliers manage the manufacturing process to produce high-quality material in a healthy, safe work environment while minimizing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

NELCOS is a revolutionary surface material with unparalleled qualities such as extreme durability, stain resistance and stretchability. NELCOS can be applied to indoor spaces like ceiling, walls, fire doors, partition doors and moldings and other surfaces whether they are flat or curved – even compound curves. Use it in any setting – residential, commercial, hospitality, multi-family, stores, malls – anywhere that clients demand a design-forward durable surface

We are a leading architectural film distribution company in North America. With offices in US and Canada, we pride ourselves on providing a highly cost-effective and low maintenance solution for interior surface renovation


PI Fine Art


Modern society has become increasingly disconnected from nature, and due to global lock-downs people are gravitating back to off-the-grid living and natural outdoor settings more than ever. For humankind to secure a “habitat” for future generations, it is essential that we tune ourselves “back into the nature” and re-gain greater awareness of our planet and what it needs to thrive, rather than just survive.

PIFA Hospitality’s NEW Future Nature Collection explores natural, powerful shapes, vibrant color pairings, complex textures and sustainability in art. All of the pieces in the series have been designed by our team of #PIFAstudio artists and each unique piece can be customized.


With over 40 years of industry experience we’re one of the largest vertically integrated art companies in North America. Specializing in art, custom wallcovering, mirrors and alternative wall décor, we manage every step within the art development and supply chain process – from art consulting to publishing and manufacturing.

We work with you to create concepts for your project, collaborating with you on customized fine art options that reflect your project’s vision and budget. We work directly with artists, and have the publishing rights to thousands of images, offering a high degree of innovation and customization. We manufacture in-house, which allows us to offer accessible prices, shorter lead times and un-compromised quality.

We create innovative artwork for hotels, commercial, healthcare and residential spaces.

Picnic Design

We are Joanne Lam and Eric Martin. We are Picnic Design.

We work within the spectrum of urban design, architecture and interior design, from the big picture to the small details.

We are inspired by our home towns: Hong Kong, the concrete jungle, and Bonfield, typical small-town Ontario. Our opposite experiences are pulled together to inject innovative thinking into every project, leading to a portfolio of works that are thoughtful and filled with ingenious moments.


Welcome to the modern specification process. Prospecer will empower your design team to successfully create accurate, coordinated schedules for all project types at any point in the design process.

Adopt Prospecer’s cloud-based technology to easily build, manage, and share project documents. Transforming and growing your business with a dynamic and scalable process.

Our mission is:
Simpler Specs. Better Projects. Happier Designers.
A design + technology collaboration, Prospecer is a project partner founded + developed by domain experts. Natasha Popek-Konieczko, as a leader in the Interior Design industry applies her process first know-how + studio standard expertise. William Harford’s 20+ years of experience with tech start-ups builds software solutions through a people first approach.


Quickstyle Industries

Since 1988, a pioneer and long-time industry leader in hard-surface flooring, with over 30 years of passion and expertise, Quickstyle is dedicated to providing the highest levels of innovation, quality, and service.



Shower Better Today, For a Better Tomorrow

Saving you 80% water and 80% energy with 2X the flow rate.
A shower experience like no other.

Renaissance Fireplaces

Renaissance Fireplaces feature reduced emissions, airtight seals and impressive flame patterns. Our wood-burning fireplaces offer a clean slate when creating various style choices from craftsman to contemporary.


Richelieu is a major importer and distributor of specialty hardware serving kitchen cabinet manufacturers, kitchen dealers, residential and commercial woodworkers. We contribute to the evolution of the specialty hardware market by offering more than 120,000 products such as kitchen and bathroom storage accessories, decorative and functional hardware, sliding door, lighting, and closet solutions as well as finishing and panel products.


Rollout is the record label of wallcoverings; our roster is made up of leading international artists and their drive to envision alternative worlds through interior design. Established in 2005, Rollout provides architects, interior designers, and clients with an immersive, boutique wallpaper experience as a full-service operation: part factory, part agency, and part laboratory with an open, collaborative process. Rollout clients include Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Uber, Fidelity and more, but what really excites us is the next idea we will work on with you.


Schlage Canada

This year Schlage has partnered with three Canadian interior design firms to create luxury-inspired moodboards using Schlage products as the #FinishingTouch. Learn more about the designers, their vision, and the inspiration behind their exquisite moodboards, all part of Schlage Canada’s exhibit at IDS Contract 2022. Find us at booth #324!


Ask Sherwin-Williams
For more than 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has been a leader in the development of technologically advanced paints and coatings. As North America’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies, Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to supporting do-it-yourselfers, painting professionals and the design community with exceptional and exclusive products, resources to make confident colour selection and expert, personalized service at its more than 4,200 neighborhood store


Sugatsune Canada has been a trusted supplier for precision-engineered, one-of-a-kind hardware including cabinet, door hinges, stainless steel slides, handles, and dampers solutions since 1930.

You can find the proper solution to help connect and show off your ideas, ranging from residential and commercial architectural hardware to industrial hardware components for industries such as food, medical equipment, transportation, and aerospace. We provide innovative component hardware goods to our high-end commercial clients and designers.

Surfacing Solution

Surfacing Solution has been innovating quality design products for 32 years. We specialize in TAMBOUR – a flexible wood panel that’s great for walls, bar fronts, wainscoting and more. We target the hospitality as well as the high-end residential market. Tambour is easily installed and available in a wide variety of profiles- allowing you to find the perfect mix of wood finish and texture for your project!



Visit Thermador at Booth #726 to Take the Next Step of Your Culinary Journey. Welcome to a world where recipes abound, adventure awaits, and innovation moves you forward. Enabled in every product category, Home Connect™ is your portal to more exceptional culinary experiences. Explore the possibilities across two newly redesigned Collections: Masterpiece® and Professional. Connect your Entire Kitchen with One App.

Titanium Technologies

We specialize in Custom Linear LED lighting with a large selection of profiles and control systems. We offer full assembly service, on-site assembly, and bulk products.

Achieving your lighting design concept requires more than just practical products, but experience to guide you through all the steps into completion. Our staff includes 50 combined years of lighting experience in hospitality, entertainment, and residential lighting. Let us help your ideas come to fruition.


A leader in flooring innovation, TORLYS believes in creating beautiful and responsible flooring solutions that appeal to the design community and all style preferences. Available in Vinyl, Laminate, Hardwood, Cork and even Leather, their aesthetically pleasing collections have been turning heads in the design community for over 30 years.

Marrying the beauty of wood with the high performance of waterproof floors, the Colossia line of laminate flooring offers warmth, comfort and a sense of space with extra-long planks in contemporary oak designs. Experience this revolutionary laminate collection in-person at IDS. Be sure to ask us about our upcoming CEU courses!


Urban Bonfire

Urban Bonfire designs and manufactures functional, beautiful and high-performance outdoor kitchen and entertainment solutions for clients around the world. With a fully integrated in-house design team, efficient manufacturing and compatibility with most major outdoor appliances and countertop surfaces, Urban Bonfire is a market leader in outdoor space activation centered around family, friends, food and lasting memories. Urban Bonfire’s offices, design studio and manufacturing facilities are based in Montreal, Canada. Urban Bonfire’s products and services are available through a large and growing network of Dealer Partners across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, and offers a unique Professional Partners program for industry-leading design and architecture firms. For more information, please visit urbanbonfire.com



Atelier Vaste offers unique furniture pieces inspired by our land and its resources, clear lines that reflect a patient and mastered gesture. Designed and manufactured in Montreal, the collection considers the nordicity of our environment to offer elegant, adapted and timeless pieces.

Vaste is a selection of durable furniture that fits naturally in everyday life.


Weavers Art

Weavers Art offers an expansive collection of area rugs under one roof. We source our rugs from all over the globe so you have a world of choice in one location. With thousands of area rugs in a variety of sizes and a special selection to suit every taste from minimalist to avant-garde, you’ll definitely find the perfect rug for your space. We also specialize in custom area rug design. Shipping around the globe is an easy process.
We look forward to collaborating with you.



ZEEDLIGHT is part of ZEED, a creative consultancy working across design-strategy, concepts and products.

At ZEEDLIGHT we develop, build, and test state-of-the-art lighting to the highest standards. Our process incorporates ingenuity, craftsmanship and the latest technologies to achieve high-quality, timeless and lasting products and installations.

TAPERMOON is a unique modular lighting system that takes on multiple forms and characters using a single shade design.

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